Westfield, NJ

Jun 14

Westfield Tennis Club History

Since our founding in 1915, tennis enthusiasts from Westfield and many of its surrounding towns have been eager to play tennis at what was long an exclusive club with very selective membership requirements. For many years, those wishing to join the Westfield Tennis Club had to not only meet strict criteria, they also had to be sponsored by current members and then wait years for their formal invitations to be extended. Westfield was far from an anomaly in this regard. Most clubs of the time period catered only to the privileged few.

Over time, these elitist standards loosened, opening the club up to a wide range of players from all backgrounds and classes. Ultimately, this served to improve our club immensely, enhancing the quality of games and tournaments. It gave players the opportunity to develop friendships with others who they may not have otherwise met, making socializing more stimulating, interesting, and enriching the membership experience overall.

Today, not only are new members quickly welcomed into the fray, but many of our existing members have played together every week for years or even decades, enjoying lifelong connections with one another that were first cultivated on our courts.

Sponsorship-Free Membership

The last yoke of the past is one our club has only recently cast off: the sponsorship requirement. Eliminating this prerequisite has enabled us to streamline our membership process and clear the path for those to join who may have just moved to the area or simply don’t have friends among our current ranks. We know this will only serve to enhance our club’s membership even further, and we look forward to welcoming any new members who want to become actively engaged in the Westfield Tennis Club.

Today, the Westfield Tennis Club perfectly integrates respected traditions with modern amenities in a way that has made us a highly sought-after club. In the spirit of Wimbledon, we pay homage to our club’s long history by enforcing a “tennis whites” rule, which requires all members and guests to wear white clothing during play. We believe this not only helps us to honor the past, but it also serves as a visual reminder of why this club was formed so long ago, and what still unites us today: a shared passion for the great game of tennis.

Become a Part of History…

We offer tennis players both young and old an extraordinary opportunity to become part of our rich history and enjoy beautiful facilities with highly accessible membership offerings that are an incredible value. Visit our Membership page to learn more about joining the Westfield Tennis Club.

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