Westfield, NJ

Jul 24

Platform Tennis

At the Westfield Tennis Club, we have one platform tennis court for members, which is open exclusively during the cold-weather months (October through April). Platform tennis is a sport that shares similarities with traditional tennis, but it’s different in several key ways.

As the name suggests, platform tennis is played on a raised platform with a smaller court than in traditional tennis. The field of play is surrounded by mesh fencing, and the walls that are formed can be used during play, just like in racquetball and squash. The game is played with solid paddles made of a composite material as well as a flocked, spongy, rubber ball. The rules are also different than those of regular tennis, so they’re posted here for our members’ convenience.

Each team is composed of two players (there is no singles version of platform tennis). If you want to work on your doubles game, platform tennis offers a great opportunity to practice working as a team with your regular partner as well as other players. You’ll need to learn how to anticipate your teammate’s movements and play cooperatively on a much smaller area than what a regular tennis court offers. Play moves very quickly, so it’s also a great game for boosting agility, responsivity, and overall fitness.

Want to play platform tennis? Since there is only one court, we’ve developed a new online reservation system that allows our members to book the platform tennis court ahead of time. The system, which allows you to reserve timeslots 14 days in advance, is accessible from any computer or mobile device. Once you log in as a member, you can see what times are available and easily make a reservation.

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