Westfield, NJ

Jul 24


At the Westfield Tennis Club, we have four hard tennis courts available for play in addition to our Har-Tru courts. With all the benefits of Har-Tru, why would anyone want to play on a hard court? There are several reasons we have hard courts available to our players.

For one thing, on hard courts, the play is faster. You’ll need to respond quickly and hit the ball hard, fast, and low, making it a great place to improve your reaction time and stroke production. The ball will bounce best on a hard court, and it will take on various types of spin. This, too, gives you the opportunity to hit the ball when it’s traveling in different ways because the ball also bounces very predictably and consistently (due to the uniformity of the surface). The hard court is a great place for younger players to gain confidence.

Another benefit of hard courts? They don’t require the same amount of upkeep as clay. Most notably, hard courts don’t need to be watered to maintain the optimum consistency the way clay courts do. So, unlike our Har-Tru courts, our four hard courts are open twelve months out of the year, offering our members year-round access to their favorite sport!

Hard courts can be tougher on the joints, so it’s best to mix up your play on hard and clay courts, which allows you to hone various skillsets and become a more well-rounded player.

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