Westfield, NJ

Jul 24

Har-Tru Courts

At the Westfield Tennis Club, we take tremendous pride (and plenty of playing satisfaction) in our 11 Har-Tru Green Clay courts, which are open from April to November. Always impeccably maintained, our courts are cared for by a full-time groundskeeper who ensures the clay surfaces receive just the right amount of water and are always kept clean. Not only do our members get to experience the unique satisfaction of playing on clay, but they also needn’t worry about caring for them or sweeping them before or after they hit or play a match. What’s more, all 11 courts have recently been rebuilt or reconditioned, ensuring our members enjoy an optimal playing experience on our authentic Har-Tru clay.

The Benefits of Har-Tru

Playing on Har-Tru allows our members to enjoy the game—and its aftermath—without feeling the stress and ache of overtaxed joints. Your back, knees, and feet will thank you for playing on clay! It’s a tactile experience that involves long points and long matches. When you run for a ball, you’ll slide on clay, rather than landing forcefully and abruptly. Plus, the clay absorbs some of the shock from your body’s contact with the ground. All this translates into a seriously reduced chance of injury.

Playing tennis on Har-Tru, where the clay is molded and transformed by your movements, requires that you play tactically and think and respond creatively. The court is more dynamic, which means you need to be quick to adjust and adapt. At the same time, the ball bounces more slowly than on a hard court, so you’ll enjoy more time to respond to the ball overall and, thus, longer rallies. Clay courts are cooler, too, since they don’t absorb as much of the sun’s rays.

Competing on Har-Tru offers members the chance to enjoy an authentic tennis experience, and develops toughness, stamina, patience and strategy in ways that make it the perfect surface for the developing player. Playing on Har-Tru ultimately sets you up to become a better, more well-rounded tennis player.

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